Hey friends ā€”

I'm Shane. I'm a STEM graduate, Youtuber, and Sports Bettor.

Iā€™m currently a graduate from the University of Sydney and will the starting my graduate role as a Quantitative Trader soon.

I have a few goals that I want to accomplish over the next few years. Some are personal goals and some are for the purpose of my YouTube journey.

Shane Huang
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Money / Sports betting

For the more mathematically and financially inclined, there is money to be made from betting!

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Studying Tips and Tricks

Whether that is Junior High School Maths or HSC English, there are resources and tips for you!

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University Experience

For those interested in University, whether that is in Australia or exchange to the UK!

Get your free Year 12 HSC Set

Contains my Excel Timetable Planner, HSC Science Guide and HSC 20/20 Essay Scaffold.

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I have made $50,000+ from +EV and Arbitrage Sports betting after learning it myself from a quantitative trading colleague.

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