Arbitrage Betting Trader Course (Aus/ NZ)

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This is the product to purchase my 5-part sports betting course that shows the secret strategies I used to make $50,000+ and I guide you on how you can use them to make money (~$500/ week) using sports betting bookies. 😉

Included is the welcome guide that will give you details on what happens next, along with the downloadable strategy package and access to the recorded lessons and plenty of practice questions. Please contact me to get access to the Discord channel after you sign up.



This is my 5-part arbitrage/ +EV sports betting course that teaches the secret strategies I used to make $50,000+. And, how to use them to make ~$500/ week using sports betting bookies.
Included in the course:
● 🏅 The Sports Betting Strategy Models
● ⏰ 5 x 2-hour recorded classes
● 💰 Full explanations and live examples of the strategies I have used
to make $53000+ and counting
● 📨 Lifetime access to my exclusive Discord server
● ❓Q&A Sessions
● 📖 4 sets of practice questions (based on real bet examples)
● 💲 Money Back Guarantee

Upon purchase, you will be able to login with the email you used to register and from there go to your account – restricted pages where you will be able to access the video content and also access to the practice questions, slides and betting tools (formerly on Excel). The welcome guide also has instructions on what you need to have ready before the first lesson for you to be able to follow along and the link to join the discord. Please note this will focus on Australian bookies so to get the most value out of it, you should be in Australia and able to bet in Australia/ NZ. A new course for the USA/ Canada sportsbooks is also available!

For all the details, take a look at the Course page at:

Betting Course – AUS/NZ

17 reviews for Arbitrage Betting Trader Course (Aus/ NZ)

  1. Fahmi Adem (verified owner)

    When I was searching for another stream of income, specifically a more passive income, betting was the last thing I was going to consider. I came across one of his youtube videos going through the basics explaining what “arbitrage” meant. That’s when I saw the potential since it’s mathematically backed up and believed this could really be my first side hustle! So I saved up 2k to get started as suggested and for the $430 to purchase the course and it was the best investment i’ve made as a 19 year old. It’s easy to learn and informative. Plus he doesn’t move on unless he’s made sure that we’ve understood everything. I made $850 my first weekend applying what I learnt from him the just before the 5th and last class. So I thank Shane heaps as I’ll be saving for my car much faster now lmao.

  2. Vinh Nguyen (verified owner)

    The course was very well put together and had a nice and steady progression pace. The worksheets were extremely useful to consolidate the material that was learned for that week. Shane was very good at making sure that everyone understood what was being taught, by picking on students to answer and asking for confirmation on whether or not everyone understood the concepts and methods. I remember I was distracted in one of the classes and was called upon to answer a question. Shane helped with walking through the solution as a result of it, which further fortified my learning. Having a Discord server to ask further questions after the course has been completed is also extremely nice to have. The included PNL tracker and calculators are also a nice and helpful addition to the already well-made course. The only complaint that I have would be how inconsistent Shane’s internet was, though it really isn’t his fault and he only cut out for a few minutes. I’m sure that it will be fixed for future classes. Other than that, I think that this course is very well made and teaches a lot of interesting and practical strategies involving sports betting.

  3. Richard


  4. Gideon Elorm Duse

    The best.

  5. carlo (verified owner)

    very helpful tips specially the profit tracker. shane saved me from betting crazy and losing my whole bank. its not a quick profit but its safer and good for long term

  6. Joshua (verified owner)

    This course is simply awesome. Detailed breakdown of every key knowledge area needed to understand and make money from betting in a sustainable manner. I have been following the courses along with the sports betting strategy package and other tools provided and have made $6000 in 6 weeks. Definitely worth the initial investment !

    Image #1 from Joshua
  7. Sam Schofield (verified owner)

    i thought there would be one on one tutoring or at least a check up on how the programme was progressing. i got to a point where I needed some pointers or some support with getting the correct apps etc.

  8. Gian (verified owner)

    Shane’s course was incredibly helpful in facilitating my understanding on arbitrage betting. It was well structured and thorough, providing me with the all the insight needed to navigate the world of sports betting and the practices of the bookies in order to make it advantageous to us bettors. So much so that it has now acted as a very stable source of income. I would highly recommend it to anyone with the motivation to achieve this and has an interest in mathematical methods of gaining advantages in betting.

    Thank you, Shane!

  9. Sebastien (verified owner)

    Awesome value from this course. I was able to return my initial investment from purchasing it, and much much more. Would highly recommend!

  10. Ian M. (verified owner)

    Product was great value and content. Got a lot out of the final videos which summarised the content based over the other videos. Felt as though it was the same as doing it live being able to hear the questions asked regularly which he answered every one of them.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great course and support ready on hand via email/discord

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shane’s lessons were very helpful as it helped me made at least $500/week as he said, sometimes $750 or $800 if I’m lucky. But I only recommend this to anyone who has enough discipline and treats this as a side hustle, not as a money-generating miracle, as his lessons require you to fully understand the concepts.

  13. Jaipal Ambati (verified owner)

    Having a bit trouble understanding double winnings but otherwise ok

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shane is very passionate about this. the course educational and practical.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I made over $500 in my first week and im confident I will make more. There is a fair amount of content but its much more detailed than the other betting services out there.

  17. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Very good course. It is not for someone who does not understand simple math. Should watch some of his Youtube videos first and if you understand the math in his videos then it will be worth your money buying this course.

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