Secrets of the HSC : Preparation

In this book I share my tips and tricks for HSC preparation that helped me get a 99.90 ATAR

  • Study smart not hard tactics
  • Insights into the school, ATAR and HSC system
  • Subject Selection Overview



SECRETS OF THE HSC – Part 1: Preparation
Notes on how to attain an unfair advantage in the preparation for the HSC

High school and the HSC exams can be a difficult and stressful time for young people. With the exams, unfortunately also comes the ATAR, a rank that determines whether you are placed into your dream course. For me, whilst I did eventually achieve my goal of a 99.90 ATAR and the scholarships that came with it, it definitely was not an easy journey, especially at the beginning. As such, I wish to be able to share with you what strategies worked and what didn’t as well as some studying tips and tricks that are designed to save you time, because I definitely don’t believe that long gruelling hours of intense studying is what brings about success in the Higher School Certificate.
This book is the first in the series; SECRETS OF THE HSC. In it, I provide the basis of how to prepare for the HSC in your junior high school years and reveal to you the important ins and out of the school system and the HSC, drawing on my experiences and the wisdom of various successful graduates, to ensure that you have the biggest advantage over everyone else when Year 12 comes around! A must-read book for all ambitious students from Year 7 to Year 12.

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